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We hope everyone in the Looking Up, Way Up! community is healthy and safe. Over the winter we continued collecting historic materials with the help of an archive producer.  We spent an exceptional month at Scaled Composites in Mojave combing through 35 years of history.  Each envelope, box and cabinet we opened revealed new and fascinating stories…


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The team is testing the modifications made to the SkiGull. A new configuration for the landing gear includes larger wheels that operate independently of the skis. SkiGull is no longer a tail dragger. In SkiGull’s first flight, Burt found that the wing stalled (lost its lifting ability) earlier on one. Recent flight tests have verified…

SkiGull’s First Flight and an Update from Burt

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Burt Rutan’s SkiGull successfully took to the air for the first time from Coeur d’Alene Airport in northern Idaho in late November. “We’ve learned a hell of a lot today that I can check off ‘these are not problems’” a delighted Rutan said in a celebratory toast in front of crew and family following SkiGull’s…

Update from OshKosh! Rutan Unveils SkiGull

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In an unexpected turn of events yesterday at Oshkosh, Burt Rutan released pictures of his new homebuilt plane SkiGull. This is an exciting moment for antennaFILMS because now with the veil lifted we can start to share some of the fabulous imagery we have captured following the construction of the plane over the last 9-months….

Burt and antennaFILMS at 2015 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh this week!

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This week, the largest airshow in America, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, marks the 40th anniversary of Burt’s revolutionary VariEze homebuilt. Burt will be here and so will we. At Oshkosh this year a wide variety of Rutan designs will be on display to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the VariEze, and Burt Rutan himself…

We are blown away by your support!

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Wow! We are blown away. The support you have given this project is incredible! 868 backers, $106,689 raised on Kickstarter, and a huge running start to capture a story that clearly resonates with you as it does for us. It’s going to be fun to be able to follow Burt as he finishes his plane…

SkiGull Description & Walter Mitty Plan

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My 2011 retirement started with a year not doing any design/build, and questioning if I had the persistence to develop another aircraft. I then spent 2 years doing preliminary designs of a very special airplane, the SkiGull. The design was recently changed to use a modified version of a certified Rotax engine (turbo, E- fuel…