Burt and antennaFILMS at 2015 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh this week!

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This week, the largest airshow in America, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, marks the 40th anniversary of Burt’s revolutionary VariEze homebuilt. Burt will be here and so will we.

At Oshkosh this year a wide variety of Rutan designs will be on display to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the VariEze, and Burt Rutan himself will be attending the event. He will be giving a few presentations and also talking about his new plane SkiGull.

Sandy Guthrie and Scott B will be giving talk about “Looking Up, Way Up! the Burt Rutan Story” on Friday at 1:00 pm at the Forum Stage 9. They’ll be showing some new footage and talking about the experience of making the film. We hope that you can make it!

We wanted to ask if you will be attending, possibly flying your Rutan design into Oshkosh, and if you are attending invite you to stop by and visit us. Aircraft Spruce has generously donated “Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story” space in their booth located in Exhibit Hangar A, and we plan on spending as much time as we can their answering questions and getting the chance to connect with everyone. Feel free to send us an email and let us know your plans. Come by and see us!

We received Looking Up, Way Up! hats and t-shirts just in time to bring them to Oshkosh. We’ll be sending them out shortly, but if you’ve donated with one as a reward stop in and pick them up.

In the past months antennaFILMS has continued to film with Burt as he works on his new plane the SkiGull, we wish we could share some pictures but everything is still hush-hush and under wraps. We will keep you updated on the film’s progress and give you more information as it arrives.

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We want everyone to know that if you donate through the website, we will honor your donation the same as if you donated through the Kickstarter and provide the same or similar reward for your donation level. Spread the word and let people know that it isn’t too late to support the film.

Along with that we recently sent out some earlier rewards, and please if you are expecting your donation reward and it never arrived, or arrived damaged in the mail, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We appreciate your help and we want to make sure everything is in order.

One reward we have yet to send out is the hi-res digital image download. We have thought long and hard about what we wanted to send, and decided to send out a picture of the SkiGull when they are available. Thank you for your patience and let us know if you like the idea or not.

In other news the Rutan Aircraft Flying Museum is official, the museum is located in Waller, TX, and recently acquired the Cozy Jet to display (yes, with a jet engine). We definitely hope to see the Cozy Jet at Oshkosh this year. If you are interested in the museum visit their Facebook Page for the latest new and information.

As the summer continues we will continue to keep you up-to-date, so keep “looking up… way up!”

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  1. John Cox says:

    This is the most exciting design I have seen since 1957.

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