Burt Rutan at Virgin Galactic’s Unity unveiling

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We recently filmed the unveiling of Virgin Galactic’s new SpaceShipTwo spacecraft VSS Unity. The ceremony was led by Sir Richard Branson at The Spaceship Company headquarters in Mojave, CA. Distinguished guests of the event ranged from movie star Harrison Ford to soon-to-be-movie-star aviation hero Burt Rutan. Burt’s SpaceShipOne design is the predecessor technology to SpaceShipTwo.


2 responses to “Burt Rutan at Virgin Galactic’s Unity unveiling”

  1. Tom Burgan says:

    Orville, Wilbur and Burt

  2. Ron Rosano says:

    It was an extraordinary and inspiring day – I was sitting just behind Burt at the event.
    Thank you, Burt, for the genius outside-the-box thinking that lead to the idea of feathering the tail booms, enabling carefree re-entry into the atmosphere, and making SS1 and this whole project possible.
    Brilliant quote from Stephen Hawking in this video:
    “Taking more and more passengers out into space will enable them, and us, to look both outwards and back, but with a fresh perspective in both directions
    It will help bring new meaning to our place on Earth and to our responsibilities as its stewards
    And it will help us to recognize our place and our future in the cosmos, which is where I believe our ultimate destiny lies”
    Hear Hear!!

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