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The team is testing the modifications made to the SkiGull. A new configuration for the landing gear includes larger wheels that operate independently of the skis. SkiGull is no longer a tail dragger.

In SkiGull’s first flight, Burt found that the wing stalled (lost its lifting ability) earlier on one. Recent flight tests have verified the solution. Next, flights expanding the plane’s envelope will move SkiGull toward water and ski tests.

We’ll be there as flight testing and water testing accelerates before the lake once again gets cold.

It’s become a longer process than Burt expected, but our guess is that those who have ever designed and built their own plane will likely nod—you want to get it right before you attempt a Walter Mitty trip around the world.

Coming up? More interviews, and Stratolaunch. Also, for the backers who qualify we’ll be sending out requests for a photograph of you and/or loved ones with a Rutan design, so stay on the look out. And we have time allotted on our next trip to Coeur d’Alene to fulfill the rewards that require Burt’s authentication. Thanks for your patience and your support!

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