We are blown away by your support!

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Wow! We are blown away. The support you have given this project is incredible!

868 backers, $106,689 raised on Kickstarter, and a huge running start to capture a story that clearly resonates with you as it does for us.

It’s going to be fun to be able to follow Burt as he finishes his plane and it’ll be fun to keep all of you up to date. We can’t wait to get you your rewards. Some of them will obviously need to wait a bit, but we’ll be letting you know over the next few weeks how the schedule is going.

We’ll also be updating you on how to send in photos, and otherwise continue to stay involved.

Again, thank you so much for joining us and participating in making this film!

Lookin up…. way up!
Scott, Sandy and the Team at antennaFILMS

One response to “We are blown away by your support!”

  1. Clayton White Lt/Col USAFR Ret says:

    Met Burt Rutan many years ago through my Cousin Dave Blanton in Witchita Ks while Dave was involved with Bede 2 project, I fell in Love with what I have seen on the SkiGull!! Wow!!

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